JAGUAR Seat Covers

Welcome to this page, which is specially prepared for all Jaguar owners. Are you bothered by uncomfortable seat cover? Are you upset because you can't find a suitable size seat cover? Are you in a hurry to find a suitable pet cushion? Kaisa will solve all your problems.

As the name, Kaisa is customer-oriented, where everything is for your benefit and your comfort. The products of Kaisa are made of durable interior decorative fabrics with various materials and styles. There are Polyester seat cover, Jacquard seat cover, Oxford seat cover, Canvas seat cover, Leatherette seat cover, Faux leather seat cover, PVC seat cover, PU seat cover, Sheepskin seat cover and so on. Seat Covers chosen by customers for the Jaguar are usually the Sheepskin seat covers, Neoprene seat covers, Two tone velour, or the Leatherette seat covers, which are full of motion and are perfectly integrated with the Jaguar itself. Most importantly, on the basis of our recommendation or your own investigation, you can customize the material and style you want according to your preferences.

In addition, Kaisa has divided seat cover into Front bucket seat cover and Rear bench seat cover out of the purpose of making you more comfortable. Front bucket can be divided into highback front and lowback front,in which the former is a high back seat connected with the headrest, and the latter is a low back seat separated from the headrest, which can be taken off, and you can choose whether to take it off or install it. Rear bench seat cover is also known as Rear split seat cover, which is removable. In FAQ page, you can view specific operation process or installation instructions or you can contact us. And if you are a pet lover and want to find a special cushion for pets, Kaisa welcomes you, which designs specially pet cushions. All our efforts are for your comfort and satisfaction.

No matter what type of cushion or seat cover you want, come to Kaisa where the quality can be guaranteed. Kaisa is always for you, and looking forward to your visit!
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Find Sutiable Seat Covers of Different Materials

  • Velour Seat Covers Velour Seat Covers Velour is a plush, woven fabric similar to velvet. Usually made from cotton or synthetic polyester. For seat covers, the velour fabric composition is mainly polyester.
  • Auto Care Auto Care Hangzhou Kaisa Car Accessory CO. LTD is your first choice for specialist designer upholstery to give your cars the pristine look that you have always dreamed for.As an ISO certified manufacturer and w...
  • Sheepskin Seat Covers Sheepskin Seat Covers Sheepskin seat cover is made of sheep hide, also named as lambskin, thoroughly a natural product that offers safety, comfort and coolness in all seasons.
  • Polyester Seat Covers Polyester Seat Covers Polyester is a class of polymers containing ester functional groups in its main chain. As a special material, it usually refers to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
  • Embroidered Print Seat Covers Embroidered Print Seat Covers Embroidery & Printing seat covers are the most stylish seat covers compared with other seat covers.
  • Canvas Seat Covers Canvas Seat Covers Canvas is a kind of ultra durable non-woven fabric perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the principal material made for tents, sails, backpacks and others.
  • Mesh Seat Covers Mesh Seat Covers Mesh is a versatile piece of fabric characterized by its reticulated look, and the space between the yarns.
  • Leatherette Seat Covers Leatherette Seat Covers Leatherette also known as "artificial leather", "faux leather", " PU leather " " vinyl " etc, it does contain the word "leather" but it's a kind of fabric cloth.
  • Functional Seat Covers Functional Seat Covers Our multifunctional seat cover comes just like its name, it has more applications compared with the normal seat cover.
  • Jacquard Seat Covers Jacquard Seat Covers What does "Jacquard" mean? The term " Jacquard" do not mean to any specific fabric or loom, it means an increasing automatic pattern control mechanism.
  • Custom Fit Seat Covers Custom Fit Seat Covers Our custom seat covers are built to the exact specifications of your vehicle's model and year, including seat covers, armrest covers, headrest covers and console covers.