Car Seat Cover is not so Simple...

Toyota's "Footpad Door" incident in 2009 is still fresh in memory. Toyota has recalled nearly 10 million vehicles worldwide, with a direct loss of more than $1 billion, because the displacement of its foot pads may affect the operation of the accelerator pedal, resulting in accidental acceleration of vehicles. Mr. Liu, who works in a bank, was almost frightened by the accident of car destruction and death caused by the displacement of car seat cover when he braked suddenly. It turned out that the owner, Mr. Liu, had purchased a brand of car seat cover on the Internet before, and installed it on the back of the car. Because the seat coveris not fastened tightly and the friction is insufficient, he slipped out of the seat cover in case of emergency braking. Fortunately, the safety belt fixes the person, which does not cause greater danger. Mr. Liu said to his friends afterwards that we should not buy car covers carelessly. We must choose a good cushion which is safe, comfortable and suitable for ourselves.

One of the criteria of good cover: stable installation and sufficient friction.

Most of the auto seat covers sold on the market are general-purpose, but the general-purpose seat cushions often do not take the differences of the seat structure of each type of car into account, without a scientific installation method, which is difficult to avoid sliding displacement after installation. Due to the limitation of traditional general cover technology, the surface is mostly rigid and smooth, and it is difficult to fit with the seat up to 100%, resulting in insufficient friction. It is easy to make the passenger body slide out when suddenly braking. Therefore, stable installation and sufficient friction become the first standard to ensure safety and choose seat cover. Our seat satisfies this standard very well. It adopts special technology to make the cushion fit with the groove of the seat and fits the seat perfectly. The cover changes with the deformation, so that the cover has better friction.

Our seat cover is ergonomically designed and tailored for each car seat, which not only ensures that the surface of the seat cover matches the size of the seat, but also uses special rolling, edge wrapping and punching technology to make the seat cushion fit with the groove of the seat, and the covers changes with the deformation.

Our seat cover has reserved seat belt socket in the position, which does not affect the suspension of seat belt at all, and carefully reminds you that even if you are in the back seat of the car, please fasten your seat belt, and also reserve the seat bag position on the side, which does not hinder the explosion of the airbag at all and is more considerate protection to the safety of drivers, saying "good by" to the danger, and making your driving safe without worries at all.

The second criterion of a good cover: comfortable, beautiful, ventilated and breathable.

Traditional car seat cover can't give you the driving experience contrary to the season, and our seat cushions can provide more things than you think. The selection of the material of the good car cover must take the comfort, health and cushion seasonal characteristics into account, especially for summer cover, which will directly contact your skin, so the selection of materials need to consider carefully, to feel comfortable, which is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The third standard of a good seat: highlight the taste and harmony the collocation.

When choosing car seat cushion, we should also pay attention to the matching degree between the seat cover and the car. A good horse should be matched with a saddle, and a good car should be matched with a cushion. The unsuitable car seat cover not only affects the overall impression of the car, but also reflects the owner's own taste. Nobody wants to be called "big man". The overall color of the good car cover should be consistent with the main tone of the whole interior color, focusing on the preference of the owner at the same time, trying to achieve a harmonious match.

Our tailored seat covers service is based on your needs.

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