Beige Seat Covers

Color Design Features of Seat Cover

With the development of automobile industry, seat cover of cars has developed from scratch, function from simple to comprehensive, and workmanship from rough to fine. Today, seat cover has become an important aspect of measuring the grade of cars. The color of seat cover has become an important factor for users to consider when buying a car and an important indicator of whether customers like it or not. Especially in the domestic automobile market in recent years, the configuration and performance are basically similar, the competition in the market has entered into the elaborate production. Therefore, some people put forward the concept of "decisive seat cover" to improve the grade of the whole vehicle and enhance the competitiveness of the vehicle type through the fine shape, excellent material selection and elaborate production of seat cover. 

Color design features of seat cover

Before the 1990s, the color of seat cover was basically dominated by gray or black. With the diversification of modern life and the diversification of people's aesthetic consciousness, the color of seat cover shows a trend of diversification, and the colorful seat cover has been widely used.

There are different characteristics in the color processing between the seat cover of the automobile and painting. The color in painting generally requires high color, light and shadow effects, pursuing rich life performance and appeal, while the color design of seat cover is restricted by the selection of process methods and materials, especially the functional requirements, so its characteristics are simple, general, concise, lively and full of decoration. It should be given more consideration to some functional factors in color design of seat cover. Any design cannot be separated from the functional basis. The role of automobiles, especially passenger cars, is mainly used to carry people. The main role of interior color design of seat cover is decorative function. The color design of seat cover must take pleasing users as the main objective, which is beneficial to driving and using. The overall requirement is beautiful, friendly and pleasant, making people feel comfortable without excessive stimulation, and alleviating boredom and fatigue. Therefore, the color design of seat cover should be coordinated.