Black Car Seat Covers

The trend of color of seat cover 

1. Overall characteristics
The scheme of "black + light color" is the most popular one, and others are mainly using black scheme. "Black + light" color matching scheme can create a home atmosphere, therefore, in the investigated color matching scheme, "black + light" matching of seat cover is generally standard configuration, and its proportion in the market is the highest.

2. Overall trend
Black is the mainstream. Of the six models in 2013, five have all-black seat cover, such as the 2013 Ford Wing Tiger, Buick Encore, Lincoln MKT, Acura RDX and Lexus LX.

The brown line is on the rise. Beginning with the 2012 models, brown and "black + brown" seat covers have increased, which can add a luxurious sense of home for the whole interior. Even the 2012 Audi Q7 featured two kinds of brown leather seats.

3. Vehicle grade characteristics
Compact grade SUV focuses on highlighting the sense of sport, so the proportion of black seat cover is higher than other grades; Brown system can reflect the sense of luxury and grade of seat cover, which is generally used in luxury type large SUV seat cover; and the proportion of seat cover color of medium-sized cars is between the above two.