Camo Car Seat Covers

Fabrics of seat cover

Fabrics of seat cover are a combination of decoration and function. Decoration styles show a diversified and personalized development trend to meet the requirements of different consumers. Fabrics of seat cover have direct contact with people. For example, the feel of steering wheel directly affects the driving desire and pleasure of consumers. Automobile seat is the most used part of fabric. If the seat fabric used by consumers is not breathable, stretchable and seriously deformed, it will directly affect consumers. Therefore, different materials, textures and colors of seat cover fabrics used in appropriate positions will make consumers feel more comfortable from the visual and tactile.

Seat cover fabrics mainly consist of natural leather, fabric and synthetic leather.

Natural leather has high strength, elasticity, good hygienic properties and is widely used. The surface of natural leather is smooth, plump and elastic when touched by hand

PU leather in synthetic leather can be divided into dry and wet methods. The wet PU synthetic leather is an excellent substitute for natural leather. It has good low temperature resistance, air permeability, moisture permeability, full handle, good resilience and strong overall dermis feeling. However, its hydrolysis resistance and scratch resistance are slightly worse, and its cost is relatively higher than that of dry PU leather.