Grey Seat Covers

Basic Principles of Color Design for Seat Cover

Main tone of seat cover refers to the general tendency of interior color. In order to appear uniform, there must be a main tone in matching color. The less the color is, the easier the tone is to be uniform. If the color is much, it is easy to cause color segmentation. The main color of the seat cover reflects the color style and it should be consistent with the overall style of the product.

The choice of the main tone of seat cover should take into account the characteristics of the product, the use environment, the positioning of the product and the trend of popular color. Generally speaking, the seat cover color of sports cars and off-road vehicles should be aggressive and extensive; the color of cars should be gentle and meticulous; and the color of buses should be pleasant as the first indicator and softer. In addition, the color of cars for young people should be lively and bright.

The number of main tones of seat cover is generally one or two; cars with tri-color seat cover are rare and are mostly used for young people's personalized models.

All along, the main colors of seat cover are mostly single tone, and most of them are grey. Now, with the individuation of users' requirements, the color of seat cover is becoming more and more diversified. Because the dual-color seat cover can better solve the contradiction between overall coordination and single tone, it will be popular for passenger cars in a considerable period of time.