Orange Seat Covers

Color Classification of Seat Cover

1. According to color categories, the color of seat cover is mainly divided into non-colorful series and colorful series.
(1) Non-colorful series refers to white, black and various shades of gray. Non-colorful series is also called white-black series.
It is applied in automobile interior, mainly black seat cover, gray seat cover and some two-color seat cover (upper is gray and lower is black).
(2) The colorful series includes monochrome light of different frequencies (or wavelengths) (red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple), or mixtures of monochrome light of different proportions (except white and black), together with variations in brightness and purity, constituting countless color series.
The most popular color series used in seat cover is beige, light yellow, and rice white.

2. According to the collocation of the main colors of the interior color, the color of seat cover is divided into single color seat cover, two-color seat cover and tri-color seat cover.
(1) The main tone of monochrome seat cover is only one, while the other tones are coordinated, such as gray and beige seat cover.
(2) There are two main tones of double-color seat cover, which are popular seat cover configuration of passenger cars at present, such as upper part is light gray and lower is black, upper is brown and lower is gray, upper is beige and lower is gray, upper is light green and lower is gray, upper is brown and lower is black, upper is beige and lower is cream-coloured.
(3) There are three main tones of tri-color seat cover, because it is difficult to tune, there is a little application, mainly used in personalized models.
In order to avoid the monotony of color, besides the main tone, the contrast or high-light color can also be used to contrast the local color, so as to activate the atmosphere in the car and make it more lively.