Purple Seat Covers

Basic Principles of Color Design for Seat Cover

Having a sense of the times.
Popular color has a strong flavor of the times and novelty, so it can be particularly noticeable in a period of time and become a widely used color. The color of interior trim should also be fully considered. For example, with the development of the world economy, people's lives are flourishing, warm tones become popular colors, such as yellow series (beige, light yellow). At present, it is popular in seat cover.

Conform to national customs and hobbies
Because of the differences of culture, religion and custom, the likes and dislikes of colors vary greatly all over the world. This is an objective fact, which should be fully considered in the color design of seat cover. East Asian countries such as China, Korea and India generally prefer red, yellow and green to black, while Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran prefer green to yellow and purple. Designers must understand and apply the laws and aesthetic principles of color matching, and organically combine objective things with subjective wishes, consumer preferences and market trends to achieve a unified and coordinated effect.

Unity of quality and color should be achieved
The beauty of seat cover depends on the unity of shape, material, color and process design. In color design, the material quality should be fully considered. Engineering plastics are mostly used in seat cover. Engineering plastics themselves can choose different colors. We should make full use of this characteristic and combine color with material. In addition, surface treatment technologies such as surface spraying, electroplating and surface printing have been developed quite well and should be fully utilized.

These technologies can coordinate the color distribution of automobile interiors perfectly, such as adding chrome plated parts, metal paint spraying parts, imitating peach wood parts, etc.