Here, take you have a Comprehensive Understanding of the Auto Covers

Auto cover, also known as seat cover, refers to the cover of the car seat, which can beautify the interior space of the car, protect the original car seat to make it dry and clean, and prevent the aging of leather. At present, the main auto seat cover fabrics are sandwich fabrics, suede fabrics, gemstone fabrics and ice silk, linen and cotton fabrics.

Today, I will take you to learn about some common types of car covers in our life. After integration, the contents are as follows:

Cotton Auto Seat Cover (Steady and Generous Type)

Cotton car seat cover is stable and generous, strong and durable, and not easy to wear and tear. The most important disassembly and assembly are very convenient, and there is no special requirement for washing. It is suitable for dry cleaning and water washing. It can be easily done in the washing machine. It can be cleaned at any time and keep the clean and neat space of the car at all times.

Pure cotton seat covers have different styles, which can meet the preferences of different owners. For sports-loving car owners, seat cover with a cotton knitted team clothing is the first choice, which is simple, generous and dynamic, and seems different.

Blended Seat Cover (Economical Type)

Blended seat cover is a cheaper one in market of the seat cover. There are cotton Jialaika or mixed textile of the cotton Jialaika and polyester. Blended seat cover is strong and easy to clean, but it makes people feel rough and hard. After washing, it will not shrink and deform, and can be used more durably.

Blended seat covers greatly increase the artistry of seat covers, adding fine embroidery technology, classic lattices, elegant printing or lovely cartoon style, and the aesthetic interest for car. Blended seat covers are suitable for most models, but they also have strong personality color of the owners because of their various styles.

Straw and Bamboo Seat Cover(specially used for summer)

The straw bamboo seat cover is made of straw products and bamboo products, and also of hard plastic. It is most suitable for use in summer, like to put a cool mat on the seat cover, which is more refreshing than other materials.

The straw bamboo seat cover is very convenient to handle and can be cleaned by wiping with a towel. Even if the seat cover is heated and wiped with cold water, it can quickly cool down and become cool immediately. The straw bamboo seat cover is brittle and easy to break, especially at the interface where it is easy to be separated from the line, so its service life is not long. The general seat cover will be changed after two summers.

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