How can Printing, Embroidery, Jacquard and Rotten Fabrics be Distinguished?

Printed fabrics are made of various dyes and pigments into printing paste, which is applied partly on the fabric to obtain various patterns. There are many choices of patterns. Printed fabrics are mainly cellulose fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. Printed fabrics are characterized by bright color, high clarity, high output, high efficiency, non-fading, wide use, which can be used in all kinds of clothing, bags and suitcases.

Embroidery fabric is a kind of fabric material, and the material is mostly pure cotton, lace and so on. Traditional fabrics produced does not have any color and need to be dyed again. On the contrast, embroidery fabrics are added by machine embroidery patterns after dyeing and processing. The value of the fabrics produced in this way is several times higher than that of traditional fabrics, and for the sake of the variety of embroidery, they can embroider various beautiful patterns, which are favored by consumers.

The patterns of jacquard fabrics are not ordinary printing or embroidery, but are woven directly into the fabric, which interlaced with warp and weft yarns of different colors, interlacing and floating, thus forming patterns of different colors. Jacquard fabrics are exquisite, smooth, glossy, good handle, drapability and air permeability. They have high color fastness (yarn dyeing). They are not deformed, fadeless and comfortable when using. Compared with embroidered fabrics, they are more expensive and are mostly used for bedding and clothing.

Rotten fabric, also known as convex fabric, is a new type of fabric. Rotten fabric is made of two kinds of fibers with different acid resistance, which are blended or spun into core-spun yarn, warp and weft yarn to weave grey fabric of rotten fabric, and then processed in acid solution through printing and dyeing process to dissolve and rot the acid-resistant part of the fibers, that is, to become rotten fabric. The main features of the fabric are transparent, concave and convex patterns, novel patterns and clear outline,which is similar to arts and crafts, and is highly praised by users and consumers at home and abroad. It is one of the most popular textile export products in China, which is popularized by the international market. At present, rotten fabrics are mainly used as decorative cloth, such as table cloth, curtains, jacquard seat covers, bedspread, pillowcases, summer clothes, handkerchiefs and so on.

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