How to Choose and Purchase Suitable Seat Covers

As the weather became cooler, people began to change into cotton car seat covers or warm cushions. Some simply removed the leather seat covers and installed the cotton seat covers, which are more popular nowadays. It is understood that this increasingly popular pure cotton car seat covers are mainly divided into three series.

Sports version

The pattern and shape of the sports version of the car seat cover embody the movement and avant-garde fashion elements, which is especially suitable for assembling on the models with movement elements such as Ma 6, Peugeot 307 and Peugeot 206. It is said to be a sports version, not only because of its fashionable appearance and avant-garde sports style, but also its design fully takes the strict requirements of comfort and safety of sports car seat cover into account in the process of rapid movement, such as no wrinkle, no pull and deformation in the process of sports, good wrapping and warmth retention effect, plus various coordination of warm tones can really create a comfortable and sporty warm home for you. Seat covers of sports type are especially suitable for male car owners who are around 30 years old, advocate outdoor sports, have sports personality and like to drive sports cars.

Fashion version

The seat cover is the most beautiful interior decoration for a family car. Generally, the color selection of seat covers should be consistent with the main tone in the car. Seat covers are like underwear of a car, with many styles and designs. According to the time and season, we buy several sets of seat covers of different styles and textures for the car. The first set can be changed frequently, and they also are easy to handle. Now the temperature is getting colder and colder, and all kinds of warm-tone car decorations are coming all over the world. At this time, the fashion you should consider matches your fashionable car with a new set of seat covers. It's better to be fashionable and practical. Fashionable seat covers on the market, such as a complete set of pure wool, will cost more than 2000 yuan, which may still be too expensive for some owners. Therefore, in this season, it will become a popular choice to buy cotton seat covers with good quality and low price, such as Chinese knot, Chinese style, European classics, lady fashion, military rage, well-off family, cartoon interest and so on. And Chinese painting and calligraphy let you enjoy fashion while also feeling Chinese culture. Car owners like Chery QQ, POLO and some sports models can consider choosing these pure cotton fashion seat covers, which are full of warmth, fashion and practical and economical.

Cotton art version  This version of the seat cover is made of warm tone cotton fabric, calm and generous, using high-density twill pure cotton fabric, non-shrinkage, non-fading, non-static, comfortable feel, easy to disassemble and clean. Moreover, pure cotton fabrics with Shanghai sponge lining are especially suitable for autumn heating needs, and the comfort is doubled. The price is relatively cheap, while the wrapping of people is good. The comfort is better than the leather case, and there is no sliding feeling of the leather case. The warm autumn omits the warm mat, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the cleaning cleanliness is also better than the leather case, the overall maintenance cost is much lower than the leather case.

Cotton car seat covers are suitable for car owners who are about 40 years old. They are steady and pragmatic. At the same time, most of them are middle-grade and high-grade car owners.

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