If the Car Seat is not well chosen, it will become a Time Bomb!

Many people regard the car as a treasure after buying it. They are afraid of disappearing in their mouth, and falling when holding it in their hands, and cherishing it. Many car owners put seat covers on their car seats immediately after getting them to prevent damage to the surface of the seats. This kind of love and protection for car is understandable, but can not be accepted, because the traditional car seat cover is a very big safety hazard for the car.

To choose a car seat cover, we have to choose a new type of functional invisible seat cover.

There are three main drawbacks of traditional seat covers

First, Obstruct side balloon ejection

The side airbags for many types of cars will be installed on the left and right sides of the car seat, and airbags will be ejected in critical moments to ensure passenger safety. But if the seat cover is put on, the airbag is wrapped up, so it can not be deployed to protect passengers at the first time. What's more, the airbag deployment is instantaneous and powerful. If the seat cover is forcibly blocked, the airbag can not penetrate ti lead to the burst, causing secondary injury to the people in the back seat.

There is a so-called "seat cover" that does not block the airbag pop-up on the market, but different cars and seats have different positions of airbags. especially for the safety-oriented brand cars, such as Volvo, having 24 airbags. How many can it bypass? For this kind of product, how can we believe the so-called "safety" propagated by nameless small factories?

Second, Destroy the original seat safety design

Before the car is put into production, it will do a very comprehensive safety test, including seat safety. The material, structure, comfort and other things of the seat will be taken into account. After putting on the car seat cover, the friction decreases, which leads to seat instability. When braking, it is likely to slide forward, which has a great potential danger to driving safety.

Third, the quality does not pass

Many car seat covers on the market are not of good quality, not only having strong odor, but also owning not unreassuring material. Long-term contact with people may have other negative effects. For driving, the most important thing is safety, so everything needs to make way for safety. If car owners are still using seat covers, they really need to think about it again.

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