Introduction of Car Seat Cover Fabric and Cushion

Seat cover

Let's start with the fabric of seat covers. For some high-grade fabrics, it is delicate and feels smoothly, and just sitting up in winter is not as cold as real leather, which is the same reason that you don't feel cold when you wear a sweater in winter.

On hot days, when there is no ventilation, the fabric is as uncomfortable as the dermis. In contrast, the air permeability of the fabric is faster. So I have always believed that inferior dermis is inferior to high-quality fabrics. Be aware of a kind of inferior fabric, it will be very "touched" on the seat, which makes people not move, forcing you to install seat covers for it, so this trouble kind should be avoided.

In fact, 99% of seat covers are redundant. If you are really afraid of dirty seats, don't buy a car with shallow interiors.

If you think that the fabric is not high grade compared to the leather, then I tell you that the dermis installed outside is of inferior quality (no matter how the merchant blows it, I will not believe it). After the use of two years, you will know it. Even if you have to use seat covers, wait until you use the original seat for two or three years. After using to the dirty and using for a long time,  a new cover for a new look, so as to be worthy of the manufacturer's efforts to develop matching original seats.

Some people worry that the dirty seats will affect the transfer price of used cars, which is true. However, the impact is very small. If you add a set of "leather" seats and then take them for a price, it only costs hundreds of dollars, which is better to buy a car even without enjoying its original seats.


It has two sides. Most of the original seats design conform to ergonomics. Adding cushions randomly will make your sitting posture awkward and reduce the bearing capacity and wrapping ability of the seats. Unless you really feel that some part of the seat is not fit for your body shape, you can add additional cushion support in PP and lumbar position.

I think it is preferable to put a cushion on PP to make it warm in winter and cool in summer, such as stone bead cushion, water cushion and so on, which is helpful to keep PP healthy in summer.

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