Advantages of Premium Leatherette Seat Covers

In fact, premium leatherette is a kind of polymer, that is, polyurethane. In today's market, premium leatherette and genuine leather are well-matched in strength. It is used to make shoes, clothes, bags, ornaments and so on. It is used widely, and to a certain extent, can satisfy people's pursuit of natural leather. Premium leatherette seat covers are also one of its common applications.

Advantages of Premium Leatherette Seat Covers

The advantages of premium leatherette seat covers:

1. First of all, we all know that the present natural leather is nothing more than the fur of the animal, so under the provisions of the Law of the PPC on the Protection of Wildlife, some precious animal leather resources are relatively scarce, and the people who love natural leather seats can choose PU premium leatherette to replace them, which can reduce the killing in the invisible as well as save money;

2. At present, our premium leatherette technology has basically reached a more mature stage, the premium leatherette we produce can completely replace the natural leather, and mix the spurious with the genuine in appearance.

3. Compared with natural leather, the premium leatherette is generally lighter, more soft and wearable, and PU leather is easier to handle.

4. PU premium leatherette also has the characteristics of ventilation and heat preservation, and the clothing made of it is more comfortable to wear.

5. The most important point is that the PU premium leatherette has excellent quality and reasonable price. It has a perfect quality that natural leather cannot achieve.
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