Characteristics of Jacquard Seat Covers

Jacquard fabrics are very common in our daily life. In this installment, we will briefly introduce the characteristics of jacquard seat covers.
Characteristics of Jacquard Seat Covers

Jacquard is the concave and convex pattern of the fabric woven by warp and weft threads. There are many kinds of textiles, jacquard fabrics are one of them. Jacquard fabrics can be divided into home textile fabrics and fashion fabrics. As early as the time of the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous in the way of jacquard weaving.

The jacquard technology originates from the original breast-loom cross-stitch work, which is made by knitting the yarns tangled on the knitting needles into circles. Jacquard weaves can be knitted in weft knitted, warp knitted, single-sided or double-sided knitted fabrics. The end-textiles have large patterns and complex patterns.

Jacquard fabrics are widely used, not only for casual trousers, sportswear, suits, etc. but also for bedding articles and seat covers. The jacquard fabric is very comfortable and is very popular. Due to the use of DEVON shiny silk in the warp, the cloth face is attractive, which makes it occupy a place in the fabric market in the near future with the advantages of light, flexible, elastic, comfortable and glossy.

Jacquard fabric is a fabric integrated with senses of comfort, modernity, and art. It attracts customers closely because of its attractive charm, and its sales are quite good at the moment.
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