Characteristics of Universal Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas is a kind of thick cotton or linen fabric. Most of the canvas is plain weave, less is twill weave, and all the warp and weft yarns are stand wires. Canvas can usually be divided into rough canvas and smooth canvas. The rough canvas is also known as the canopy cloth. It is usually made of 4 to 7 threads of No. 58 (10 S) strands. Its fabric is hard to break and has a good waterproof performance. It is used for car transportation, the cover of the open warehouse and tents in the field. The warp and weft yarn of the smooth canvas is usually made of 2 threads of No.58 strands and 6 threads of No.28 strands (10S/2 to 21S/6), it is used for making labor protection clothing and its articles for use. After dyeing, it can be used as the fabrics of canvas shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. In addition, it can also be used as rubber canvas, canvas for fire protection and radiation protection, and canvas for the paper machine.

The features of the universal canvas seat covers: The fabric is strong and sturdy, breathable and sweaty; full-processed finishing, the pilling level is reduced; shrinkage-free, the stain tolerance is slightly worse than that of the sweaty twill. The cloth is particularly thick, with the smooth cloth, strong handle, and rough appearance.
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