Cleaning Method For Sheepskin Car Seat

Cleaning methods:
For slight contamination, please gently wipe the contaminated area of the sheepskin car seat with a clean towel dipped in 1% concentration of special detergent (or alcohol). After that, clean it with clean water in the same way, and then dry it in time. For small areas of heavy contamination, you can gently cut off the contaminated area with scissors without affecting the beauty of sheepskin car seat, and the cut wool should be disposed of (do not use this method unless it is necessary).

Cleaning Method For Sheepskin Car Seat
Recommendation: dry cleaning
Even though most sheep shearing products can be washed in water, we suggest that the constant temperature dry cleaning operation is more effective than ordinary washing under the trend of lower dry cleaning costs. The advantages are that the physical and chemical properties of the fur are not changed, the leather is not damaged, and the fur can remain soft and natural. The reason is that many chemicals and dyes are used in the tanning and processing of fur. Dry cleaning at higher temperatures usually results in changes in some characteristics of fur products, such as color change, shrinkage, etc. Professional dry cleaning can maximize the best characteristics of fur products, thereby prolonging the service life of wool products.

Daily maintenance:
Sheepskin car seat cushion products should often be combed with professional wool care, in order to maintain the original natural shape of the wool surface, and keep them soft and comfortable. After a period, the wool surface can be recovered by shaking or patting. Cleaning up floating dust or small debris should be carried out when the weather is clear. Because of the natural anti-fouling property of wool, gently tapping the surface of fur with a small wooden stick is enough to keep it clean and hygienic. If necessary, a small vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning. In view of the difference between the use environment and product characteristics, the cleaning cycle of wool products is usually 6-24 months.

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