Company History and Development

Hangzhou Kaisa Car Accessory Co.,Ltd , was founded in 2004.

In 1998, we started to make bicycle covers for domestic market, as you know bicycle was the main transportation tools in 1990s China. There are not so many cars or electric bikes during that time, also only a few bicycle factories produce few simple models. In that case, a simple cover with some colorful designs was very popular.

In 2000-2003, we took many fabric stitching jobs like Jackets, Vests, Coats, Umbrella, Bags, leather goods etc. With 3 years of practice, we've accumulated a few skilled workers for our future development.

In 2004, we drove our attention to the auto care products and produced for other trade companies or factories, mainly car seat covers, car covers, seat cushions, steering wheel covers.

In 2006, we believed we can do something far more than producing, that was designing. It took us 3 years to retain and cultivate qualified and innovative talents for seat cover designing.

In 2008, our brand “ ITAILORMAKER “ was registered, the word “ TAILOR MAKER “ means our customers can tailor made their own seat covers with our huge selection of materials and designs.

In 2009, all our seat covers applied with Docu-Seam Airbag Safe technology for the highest safety purpose. This allows the side airbag of the car seat to deploy open when accident happens. It comes with airbag tape and special industrial sewing threads from the certified company, that’s why even our basic level is not cheap like others who don’t use this technology.

In 2014-Now, we entered into B2C eCommerce: eBay, Amazon and Wish. In this way, we cater to both wholesale and retail customers world wide. We welcome all distributor and partners interested in seat cover business.
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