Fabrics of Jacquard Car Seat Covers

How to distinguish the jacquard fabrics on car seat covers? What are the characteristics of jacquard fabrics?

All the pictures that seem to float on the surface are jacquard fabrics. Part of the yarns float out of the cloth surface, showing a stereoscopic shape. Each floating point collages together to form a variety of pictures. In this way, the waved cloth is called the jacquard cloth. There are two kinds of the jacquard cloth, they are white weaving and color weaving. The jacquard effect of first white weaving then dying is not very prominent, but that of the color waving jacquard fabric is more stereoscopic because of the cooperation of color and jacquard. Hence, the vast majority of jacquard cloths are color waving jacquard cloths. The cloth products gotten through dyeing and cleaning jacquard fabric have pure colors; the polychromatic jacquard is used to make the color waving jacquard fabric --first dye the yarn and then weave the yarn with the jacquard loom, and finally finish the end-product. Hence, the color weaving jacquard fabric has more than two colors, the fabric is rich in color, not monotonous, the flower pattern is more stereoscopic and the layering is higher. The cloth has a width of 2.5m to or 2.8m, the pure cotton fabric hardly shrinks, pills and fades. As for the cotton jacquard cloth, first of all, is the handle: the cloth has a sense of concave and convex, not as plain as the silk, but it will not be very exaggerated, that is, the feeling of the skin texture and the silk floss is still very soft. Secondly, visually, there will be the feeling of different colors. The raised color will be heavier, just relative to the fabric of the same color. There is also a cloth of its own, and the picture above is woven.

Finally, as for its function, the silk surface is smooth, soft and light, has silk-like luster, has strong hygroscopicity, permeability, heat prevention, and water-washing resistance, not easy to deform, pill, attributable to the typical environmental fabric, the texture is very good. So the jacquard car seat covers are also very popular.
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