Maintenance of Best Velour Seat Covers

The car seat is the most frequently used part among the interiors of the car. It is important to keep the car seat that touches your skin every day clean and tidy.

As long as you enter the car, you must use the car seat, your clothing and skin will contact the seat surface at zero distance. If the frequency of car washing is calculated in days, then that of the seat cleaning can only be calculated in years. The owner who can clean and maintain the car seat once a year may be rare. In fact, the car seat, as well as the car body, is unavoidable to contact with the air, dust and other pollutants every day, so the car seat maintenance is also one of the steps that should be concerned by the owner of the car.

Maintenance of Best Velour Seat Covers

Suggestions on the maintenance of best velour seat covers

As for car seat materials, the fabric or velvet material is more widely used than the genuine leather. Fabrics and velvet materials are materials made of composite materials with low cost, good air permeability, and durability. For the seat design with special color and fabric requirements, using fabric or velvet material can achieve these design purposes more easily. Among them, the cost performance of velvet material is the highest, and the best velour seat cover is more comfortable than the fabric material seat cover. Besides, it is easy to clean the surface of the fabric and the velvet car seat. Although the dust will accumulate in the daily use, the surface stains or dust can be easily removed by only lightly wiping with a wet cloth, and the stubborn stains can be removed by using only a small amount of alkaline detergent.

Even in daily use under harsh conditions such as severe sunlight, fabrics and velvet materials can be constantly new and are more durable than genuine leather. The only drawback of it is that the liquid intrusion is difficult to solve, the liquid can easily penetrate into the interior of the seat, and the traces of the surface and the inner smell are difficult to clear up. In case the seat is invaded by coffee, steam water, and other liquids, it is suggested that a large amount of clean water be used immediately to clean it up, and the steam cleaner can be used for deep cleaning if condition permits, so as to minimize the dirt that is difficult to remove.
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