Selection of Sheepskin Seat Cover

(1) Soft and smooth handle: The car seat usually needs a certain support and friction resistance. Seat covers with too thin and too soft hair are generally not suggested to be used as a car seat, because it is easy to cause hair, sticky hair phenomenon. If the handle is too smooth, it is because the manufacturers add a lot of light agent on the surface of the seat cover. After being washed for several times, the smooth handle will disappear. Hence, we should choose a sheepskin seat cover with a certain degree of roughness and support, and pay attention to the original handle of wool. (2) The dyed hair brightens and attracts the customers: The appearance of this phenomenon is caused by aldehyde tanning. This tanning method can reduce the production cost greatly and make the hair brighten after dyeing. But the aldehyde tanning process will leave a large amount of aldehyde in the product, which has been confirmed as a kind of carcinogenic substance. (3) Skin crunchy: Fur tanning process is one of the main costs of fur, some manufacturers make the skin thin and brittle to reduce costs, which will reduce the service life of the skin, and the skin will lose friction resistance. Hence, only the thick and elastic sheepskin seat cover is the product responsible for customers.
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