The Trend of Premium Leatherette Seat Covers

The Trend of Premium Leatherette Seat Covers
As the environmental protection organizations and animal protection organizations oppose the killing of animals and advocate to reduce the use of genuine leather, more and more brands join in the premium leatherette camps.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 400 million vegetarians in the world now, and there is a kind of vegan among the vegetarians.

Vegan does not kill animals, harm animals and use animal products, including leather products and fur.

To meet the needs of these users, Tesla announced the addition of the "Vegan" interior option in the SUV Model X. The so-called Vegan interior option, that is to say, the material inside the car is not made of genuine leather, but premium leatherette.

In recent years, with the popularity of vegetarianism throughout the world, a number of automakers, including BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lexus, have begun to provide premium leatherette seat covers.

Therefore, there will be more applications of the premium leatherette to replace the genuine leather in the future, so as to reduce the use of the genuine leather. The use of premium leatherette will become more and more extensive. However, because the premium leatherette cannot surpass some characteristics of the genuine leather, what we need to do now is to continuously research and develop and improve the performance of the premium leatherette. Making more high-quality and high-performance premium leatherette seat covers, so that we can win more market.
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