Universal Fit VS Custom Made

Commonly, custom made seat cover fit more perfectly than universal seat covers without any doubt, anyhow, most people don't want to buy mainly because of the high price and sophisticated installation.

So here below let's talk about the sophisticated one first, then the easy latter.

Tailor Made Seat Covers
Usually 95% of the tailor made seat covers will be patterned and manufactured locally, and local manufacturer will charge you about $120.00-$150.00 per row, so it's easy to do the match:

Single cab, you pay minimum $120.00
Dual cab ( sedan, hatch, 5 seater wagon ), you pay minimum $240.00
Triple cab ( front, middle & rear total 3 rows ), you pay minimum $360.00
Here above the price for the seat cover is for the common fabric material, not premium materials like heavy duty outback canvas, neoprene, Denim, Lycra, Faux leather, genuine leather, sheep skin, for these at least $200.00 per row.

Universal Fit Seat Covers
There is always a confusion on the seat cover market let consumers think universal size seat covers will fit all car brands and models, and many online customer services like eBay, Amazon, Wish will answer question like below 98% the same:

The same car seat cover with questions from two different customers:

Customer A: hi, does this seat cover fit my Toyota Tacoma 2016 TRD Sport?
Answer comes like: hi, yes, it does, please feel free to buy.

Customer B: hi, can it fit my 2003 Ford Focus?
Answer comes like: hi, for sure, it does,  rest assured to buy.

The truth is their seat cover may fit the smaller ford focus without problem, but for bigger Tacoma, it's too tight to slip on and take off.  And NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS are always left for these kind of situation.

So we always encourage our customers to read and check the size of our universal seat covers rather than persuading them to buy the seat covers don't fit.
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