Which Seat Cover is better for a Taxi?

First of all, let me introduce the current situation: at present, most taxi seat covers in Hangzhou are white cloth seat covers that began to use in 2004. The white cloth seat cover is easy to be dirty and wrinkle, and should be replaced frequently to keep it clean and tidy.

Some taxis began to try out a new material from 2011 - PVC leather seat cover.

Although the leather seat cover made of PVC is durable, which makes the driver save the trouble of changing the seat cover frequently, the replacement cost will be higher once it is damaged.

The six schemes announced this time retain the existing white seat cover (scheme 1) and leather seat cover (scheme 6), and add four new styles:

Blue-and-white seat cover (scheme 2), dark green fine seat cover (scheme 3), dark blue jacquard blue seat cover (scheme 4) and large jacquard grey seat cover (scheme 5).

Among them, schemes 3, 4 and 5 are the seat cover materials currently used in high-speed railway, which are more high-end. Jacquard blue seat cover, large jacquard grey seat cover also have flame retardant effect, and the cleaning cycle is relatively long. If the driver is well maintained, it only needs the maintenance of half a year, which also reduces the cleaning cost.

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