Question and Answer about Leatherette Car Seat Covers

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The seat of my friend's car is made of fabric, but I always think it's hot and airtight to seat when driving in summer. With your extensive experience, how do you feel about fabric seats, dermis, dermis perforations, and the most advanced ventilation? How effective are dermal perforation and seat ventilation respectively? Extending a little to speak, is winter the most comfortable for dermal heating?

A friend's car is a full leather cushion. If a PU cushion is added, will it affect the car's own leather cushion? Would a leather cushion also have an impact?

Fabrics have the same principle. The fabric seats using high-grade velvet are soft to the touch, non-sticky to the seat, warm in winter and cool in summer. Poor fabrics, such as taxi covers, are soiled, dirty and extremely durable.

The same is shown in the leatherette car seat covers. Don't think that leatherette car seat covers must be bad, the level of entry-level seats for Mercedes-Benz A, B, BMW 1 series are leatherette car seat covers, not leather, which has the good quality. But some tens of thousands of dollars of low-end autonomous cars tell you that they are "leather seats", which are actually very poor man-made leather, which are air-tight, cold in winter and hot in summer, and easy to crack.

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