Polyester is a class of polymers containing ester functional groups in its main chain. As a special material, it usually refers to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The polyester fabric also called knitted fabric is a synthetic fabric with excellent durability, insulation, and anti-crease. it is made from a combination of ethyl alcohol and carboxylic acid.

Polyester seat covers are our basic level products. Polyester fabric weight per square meter for our high quality car seat covers is around 75-90g ( we also have 110g or above weight polyester for premium seat covers ), while other competitors will usually use 60-65g polyester instead for a lower quote. The way to make a distinction between good and second quality seat covers is very simple, pull the polyester harder by your hands, if it draws back, it's the good quality polyester weighted more than 70g, if it doesn’t come back, it’s the cheaper one. Although cheaper 65g polyester will win some orders due to its lower cost, it will also draw negative feedback from customers who is dissatisfied for the poor quality.

With various colors choice ( popular colors usually are black, light gray, dark gray, red, blue, yellow, orange etc ), clients can also custom-made their own color by providing Pantone Code only under some appropriate minimum order qty ( usually 200 sets per color ). Lamination sponge for this level seat cover is commonly 2mm-3mm thick, and the total material layer will be two or three layers. Two layers are polyester with foam, three layers are polyester with foam with the net or non-woven cloth. Seat covers with 3 layers material are a little bit more expensive than 2 layers, also will be slipped on the car seat more smoothly.

The polyester seat cover is a good item for promotion, also good for some new customers who haven't into the seat cover business before to test the market.