What does "Jacquard" mean? The term "Jacquard " does not mean to any specific fabric or loom, it means an increasing automatic pattern control mechanism. The jacquard machine is a kind of equipment which invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804. This mechanism may be one of the most important knit inventions because the jacquard shuttles can asthmatically produce infinite various patterns.

Jacquard car seat coversare divided into two kinds of automotive upholstery: poly jacquard & woven jacquard. Both of them are popular for seat covers online.

Poly jacquard has the all the features that polyester does ( light, soft and stretchable in all directions), but feels thicker than polyester. We have around 60 poly jacquard patterns for our customers to choose from: some of them are the plain color background with small/big dots, squares, and straps, some are in animal skin design like python, crocodile, tiger, leopard etc, and others are in abstract art pattern. Poly jacquard is usually designed with polyester, which is known as a comfort level. Foam thickness is suggested to be 2mm-3mm.

Woven jacquard is the fabric made by interlacing two or more threads at right angles to one another. Unlike poly jacquard, woven jacquard is known for its durable, strong, and abrasion resistant characteristics and not resilient at all. Seat cover in this material is usually built with velour, oxford or canvas, and built with 4mm-6mm thick foam backing for added comfort. These are elite level seat covers, which will be commonly used for SUVs, Pickups, light, medium and heavy Trucks. For US market, tweed is one of the well known woven jacquards. Tweed fabric belongs to a part of the textured woolens family. This fabric is woven in a combination of two or more colors or a combination of the same color. Popular colors people love are black, charcoal gray, navy, tan and burgundy. The most welcomed design is the solid color or two-tone.