Mesh is a versatile piece of fabric characterized by its reticulated look and the space between the yarns. The fabric has a variety of structures, such as knitted knitwear, woven, shoelace and crochet, it can be used in different types of clothing, upholstery, crafts and utility items.

There are different sorts of mesh fabric based on their applications. For instance: polyester mesh, netting mesh, tulle, power mesh, nylon mesh, embroidered mesh, spacer mesh, shaper mesh etc.

For seat cover range, we mainly focus on airflow 3D spacer mesh seat covers. The detail specification of this spacer mesh is based on the following seven aspects: fabric content ( eg.100% polyester ), fabric construction ( eg. Raschel Knit ), fabric width, stitch count ( 18 holes/square in ), hole size, mesh thickness and weight ( fabric weight per square yard ). 3D mesh provides extraordinary breathability ( the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to be passed through ), and our fabric supplier can mutate the stability and elongation of the yarns to customize your needs. Thanks to plenty of designs of two well-defined fabric surface together with the variableness of linking spacer yarns and thicknesses, nearly countless spacer mesh classes are available upon customers unique requests.

Mesh seat covers have usually been engineered to female and sports line. The favorite model is Two-Tone color combination: black, charcoal color decorated with some bright happy colors like sporty red, fluoro orange, fluoro green, yellow, navy. Meanwhile, the most classical black with gray is always the most popular option for all the seat cover class, just like shoes, clothing does.

Owing to the fabric's own thickness ( approx 4-5mm ), the sponge lamination we suggest 3-5mm based on customer's price demand. Mesh seat covers are the thickest seat covers among others those in same thickness foam backing but made of other materials. If you are looking for elite, durable, breathable and comfortable seat covers, you cannot go pass our mesh seat covers.