Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas Seat Covers

The advantage of canvas car seat covers:

  • Waterproof and wear resistant poly canvas gives great protection for kids, pets and daily life.
  • 100% cotton canvas is a natural breathable fiber engineered with comfort and durability. 
  • 5-7mm thick high quality sponge is backed with this heavy duty cloth.  
  • Canvas is a kind of ultra durable non-woven fabric perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the principal material made for tents, sails, backpacks and other products that need sturdiness. It is also widely used as a painting surface by artists, as well as fashion items like handbags, electronic equipment boxes, and shoes.

    Historically canvas was made of linen, but canvas today is commonly made of linen, 100% polyester, mixed poly-cotton and 100% cotton. It is a plain weave, not a twill weave like other heavy duty cotton fabrics. Canvas differs in two fundamental types: plain canvas and duck canvas. The threads in duck canvas are more tightly woven. The word " duck " comes from the Dutch language for cloth, dork. For US market, canvas comes in two types: by fabric weight ( ounces per square yard ) and by a hierarchical digital system. In opposite to the fabric weight, canvas in big number weighs lighter than a small number. For instance, the No.9 canvas is lighter than No.2 canvas.

    With multifunctional polyurethane layer coating at back for structural stability, universal canvas seat covers feature waterproof, UV proof, mold, dirt, and stains resistance. Please always keep in mind that canvas is not stretchable like polyester or mesh, it's a rugged fabric for outdoor tough use. 5mm-6mm sponge with lining will be recommended to canvas seat covers for trucks.

    We have the high-quality canvas in multiple colors and prints for our clients to choose from. Our heavy duty cotton canvas partners well with PU/PVC ( leatherette material ) for a richer and luxurious look. The hot-selling colors for canvas range are all black or cool gray which belongs to the commercial business seat cover class.

    Washing instructions for canvas:

    Do not use soap, detergent or wash in washing machine. Please clean with a similar colored towel or cloth soaked in fresh water.
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