Cotton Seat Covers

Cotton Seat Covers

The Advantage of Cotton Seat Cover:

  • A natural material absorb and release sweat quickly and let you always feel dry.
  • Self wrap around design with flexible latex backing for full direction fit.
  • Tested airbag compatible technology allow for a safe driving.  
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Cotton Fabirc Overview

Cotton Fabric  Overview

Cotton fabric is made of cotton yarn. It is a generic term for all types of cotton textiles. Cotton fabric is made of cotton yarn. It is a generic term for all types of cotton textiles. Cotton fabric for premium car seat covers is made of cotton yarn. It is a generic term for all types of cotton textiles. Cotton textiles are commonly divided into 16 types: denim, flannel, muslin, lawn cloth, voile, gingham, damask, terrycloth, batiste, organdy, velour, moleskin, Madras, ticking, chino, foulard. Considering its versatile classes, it's wildly used as fashion, casual wear, underwear, shirt, seat cover etc. Its pros and cons are both obvious, the pros are gentle fit, warm, hygroscopic and breathable. Its cons are easily to shrink and wrinkle, not fit nicely as polyester or mesh fabric.

Thanks to its absorbent feature, most cotton can retain around 25 times its own weight in water. Cotton textile can absorb and release sweat quickly, which makes the fabric breathable. It is easy to get dyed, endure high temperatures and be resist wrinkles when ironing.

For 100 cotton car seat covers, we mainly focus on Denim, Gingham, and Madras.

When talking about denim, the first impression jumps out of your mind might be raw edges, asymmetric hems, ankle cuts jeans. However, denim seat covers are not that much. Owing to the innovative treatments and washes, we carry some unique and nice looking denim. Our selected denim colors are wolf grey, navy and black.

Gingham comes from a Malayan word "genggang, means "striped" or "checked". It is a plain-woven cotton cloth typically in a pattern of bold colored squares. Vibrant distinctive colors come in this range: crimson, scarlet, peach, sand, indigo, pond, turquoise, chocolate, platinum, fog jade, to name just a few.

The fabric of Madras takes its name from the former name of India city Chennai. It is a lightweight cotton plaid woven by yarns of different colors to form a patchwork design. It's perfect for shorts, dresses and shirts traditionally, when it comes to upholstery, it gives customer fresh looks and cool driving.

Which fabric is better? Polyester or Cotton?

This is the most frequent question for these two basic fabrics in upholstery industry.

Polyester fabric
100% Cotton fabric
Polyester: cheaper, elastic, more wrinkle resistant, fades less, durable and long lasting.
100% Cotton: expensive, soft, strong, more breathable, comfortable, good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Our reinvented poly-cotton has take the best qualities of both, which is 95/5 cotton/poly, 80/20 cotton-poly, 65/35 cotton-poly, 50/50 cotton-poly, 35/65 cotton-poly and 20/80 cotton-poly. The fibre percentage is based on the quality and price. We do make 100% cotton fabric seat covers as well.

Our Poly-Cotton seat cover is designed to fit seats in most cars, trucks, SUVs, pickups and vans. Made of high quality cotton/poly that is breathable, strong, soft and machine washable. Easy on/off design will make it ideal for  you to ride in comfort and style without messing up your seats.

Find car seat cover manufacturer, supplier and exporter from China, source high quality seat covers supplied by verified and experienced manufacturer--Hangzhou Kaisa Car Accessory Co.,Ltd


AZE Free, DMF Free, PAHS, REACH ( SVHC ), BSCI, California Proposition 65
Certificates Certificates

OEM/ODM Manufacturing.

MOQ: 50-100 sets on stock fabrics. 300 sets based on customer’s request.
Lead time: 2 weeks ( fabric stocks ). 4-6 weeks ( new fabric production ).
Annual output of seat covers: 2000000 sets
Annual output value: $8,000,000.00
Main Sales Territory: USA, Australia, Russia, Europe

Airbag Safe Technology

airbag safe technologyAll our seat covers come with airbag safe technology which is independently tested and verified for seats fitted with side deployment airbags. It’s using a break away thread along the side of the seat cover, that opens upon deployment of the side airbag.
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