Functional Seat Covers

Functional Seat Covers

The advantage of functional seat cover:

  • Throw Over seat covers are not only crafted for easy fitting and remove but built in a light strong sturdy nylon polyester.
  • Scratch proof, anti-slip and machine washable dog car seat covers will protect the entire backseat from dirt, water, sand, mud, claws etc.
  • Multi-Pocket good car seat covers come fully equipped with storage pockets to take care of your personal belongings and save space.
  • Our multifunctional seat cover comes just like its name, it has more applications compared with the normal seat cover. We have three kinds of seat covers to display on this range. That is Throw Over Seat Covers, Dog Seat Covers, Pocket Seat Covers.

    Throw over seat cover is a slip-on style seat cover without any foam backing. It's an easy cover in a solid complete or easy pattern with elastic rubber at the bottom around and Velcro straps at back, this special design is built for easy fitting and removal. You just slip on the cover to your seat, pull it to the appropriate angels, stick the back velcro straps, that's it. You're good to go. The whole process won't take you more than 1 minute.

    The material is for slip-on seat cover is high density knitted fabric, unlike the normal polyester pongee, this is a durable and a bit stretchable material. It won’t grind away at your velour, leather or fabric seats, nor slid around like other seat cushions. It's machine washable with no ironing needed.

    Then let's move on to our dog car seat covers. People would love traveling a lot with their lovely pets ( mostly dogs ) and headaches come when they leave their dogs and rear seats alone with nothing covered. Pet seat covers or dog seat covers are created when people start to realize that they need to find something to protect their car seats. Our upgraded hammock style dog seat cover comes with advanced tuck in anchors, adjustable clip locking system. It's constructed with heavy-duty oxford fabric and anti-slip PVC at back. These advanced material and pet-friendly design allow your seat to be protected from fur, dirt, sand, spillover and water leaking. It is engineered to a universal size to fit most standard sedans, hatches, SUVs, Pickups, and vans, easy to install and remove.

    Lastly, the seat cover with most sophisticated looks but easiest installation is pocket seat cover. This kind of good car seat covers usually come as a single piece and used for mid-sized or large-sized SUV, trucks or Pickups like Jeep Wrangler, Ford F150, Toyota 4runner, Tacoma TRD, Chevrolet Silverado etc. Made from 600 deniers or thicker upon request oxford canvas and PVC liner. Highly durable and breathable. This storage organizer cover comes fully equipped with storage pockets to help you store personal items and also allows to add, remove or place modular pouches.
    Functional Seat Covers Functional Seat Covers Functional Seat Covers Functional Seat Covers