Seat Cover Material Comparison Guide

Seat Cover Material Comparison Guide
  • Jacquard
    Jacquard Similar to the polyester, the jacquard is not waterproof or good durable. It is with great variety of patterns, and designed to look like the original upholstery in modern vehicles. The material is soft and also economic.
  • Polyester
    Polyester Polyester is our basic material choice for seat covers. It is colorful and comfortable but not the most durable. It is an economic material but multipurpose option for any vehicles.
  • Cotton
    Cotton Cotton is a natural material which absorb and release sweat quickly and let you always feel dry. It is also provide effective insulation from burning hot seats in summer. Cotton seat cover is a good combination of breathable and durable for your vehicles.
  • Velour
    Velour Velour is a modern decoration of cars. It is avtive liftstyle and is ideal for the person who is looking to protect their seats without looking like they have seat covers.
  • Canvas
    Canvas Canvas is one of the most highly recommended materials due to its super durabitily. It is perfect for service vehicles where constant exposure to mud, dust and dirt. It is also easy to clean and is less likely to bunch or wrinkle while in use.
  • Mesh
    Mesh The airflow design of mesh makes is breathable, it is the best material for seat covers in very hot days. Mesh is easily use and machine washable.
  • Leatherette
    Leatherette Superior quality fuax leather has the look and feel of genuine leather, but more durable and tougher. Best fitment and looks like original factory seats.
  • Neoperne
    Neoperne Neoprene material is known for their sporty look, complete protection, snug fit and water resistance. The longevity of the fit lasts.
  • Sheepskin
    Sheepskin The luxurious feeling of 100% Australian imported genuine sheepskin is second to none when it comes to seat cover comfort. It's naturally cool in summer, warm in winter.
  • Faux Fur
    Faux Fur Faux fur is a fabric made from high quality acrylic and wool blend, it is a good alternative to genuine sheepskin. It's machine washable and non-fading.