Seat Cover Production Process

  • 1. Fabric Sourcing
    1. Fabric Sourcing We have the largest selection of fabrics in unique materials, colors and designs for fashion seat covers.
  • 2. Fabric Inspection
    2. Fabric Inspection Fabric inspection reveals countless defects from drop stitches to color shading variation. Detail types of fabric defects as below: horizontal lines, shade variation, dirt/stains, uneven dyeing, drop stitches, misprinting, crease marks, barre, neps/knots, abrasion marks, splicing, holes, defective selvage, snags, thick place/thin place, bowing and skewing, needle lines, coarse pick, coarse end, broken pick, broken end, missing end, filing bar.
  • 3. Fabric Cutting
    3. Fabric Cutting Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine will be used for precision cutting of the seat cover panels
  • 4. Foam Lamination
    4. Foam Lamination Foam lamination is the process of bring fabric and sponge together and bonding them, heat preparation is used to melt the thermoplastic adhesive which is coated and get the materials to bond under the pressure of the lamination rollers.
  • 5.Embroidery
    5.Embroidery We have thousands of embroidery patterns, fonts and designs, also offer free custom digitizing services.
  • 6.Sewing and Stitching
    6.Sewing and Stitching Our skilled workers do the seat cover sewing and stitching jobs.
  • 7.Airbag Safe Stitching
    7.Airbag Safe Stitching Customers’ safety is always our top priority, Airbag friendly seat covers is produced by computerized airbag stitching machine, a special stitching technique is applied to let the seat cover side seams to break open upon deployment of the integrated airbags.
  • 8.Quality Control
    8.Quality Control Every seat cover will be strictly checked before and after production. Defective items will be picked out for repairing or destroying.
  • 9.Packing
    9.Packing Nice looking package will be used for seat covers by customer request.
  • 10.Final Quality Checking For Finished Goods
    10.Final Quality Checking For Finished Goods Our QC will randomly pick out some seat covers for final check before shipment.
  • 11.Shipment
    11.Shipment Seat covers will be delivered by Standard sized export containers.