Velour Seat Covers

Velour Seat Covers

The Advantage of Velour Car Seat Covers:

  • Fine quality microfibre suede provides years of cool feeling and luxury.
  • 4-6mm sponge lining at body contact points gives you extra comfort and support.
  • Reinforced edge locking seams well protect your aging interior.

Cotton Fabirc Overview

Velour Fabric Overview

Velour is a plush, woven fabric similar to velvet. Usually made from cotton or synthetic polyester. For seat covers, the velour fabric composition is mainly polyester.

Velour Auto Seat Cover Classification & Features

Our velour seat covers fabrics come to two kinds: microfiber suede and flocking.

For Microfiber suede, maybe you don't know much about this word, but you should hear of "Alcantara "on TV or web when it refers to the car interior. Microfiber suede is composed of approximately 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, which offers increased durability and stain resistance. This best velour seat covers fabric can also be designated as a flame retardant in order to meet certain fire standards for automobile applications.

For flocking, it is a kind of velour that deposits many small fiber particles ( named flock ) onto a fabric surface by the computerized flocking machine. The flock design and height can be customized, solid or combination colors will be applied for flocking, and the fabric cost is expensive than suede.

Regards to our velour seat cover, multifunctional are one of the key factors. They not only look luxurious, feel like velvet, but also comfortable and durable. Made of breathable and waterproof material, it will protect your car interior from daily wear and tear, especially when you travel with your lovely dog and kids. It is also radiation proof, that means it can endure the sun exposure without major color fading. Because velour is sort of plush cloth, it can relieve cold or hot effectively. Needless to say, if your seats are genuine leather or leatherette vinyl, our velour seat cover will help you avoid direct touch with burning hot or icy cold seat.

Thanks to an extensive selection of the popular vibrant colors, our velour seat covers give a rich velvety look to your interior. Our most popular colors match is black grey, black red, black navy, black beige just to name a few.

Velour Seat Cover Package

Inner Package:

Outer Package:
Standard paper carton
Velour Seat Cover Package


AZE Free, DMF Free, PAHS, REACH ( SVHC ), BSCI, California Proposition 65
Certificates Certificates

OEM/ODM Manufacturing.

MOQ: 50-100 sets on stock fabrics. 300 sets based on customer’s request.
Lead time: 2 weeks ( fabric stocks ). 4-6 weeks ( new fabric production ).
Annual output of seat covers: 2000000 sets
Annual output value: $8,000,000.00
Main Sales Territory: USA, Australia, Russia, Europe

Airbag Safe Technology

airbag safe technologyAll our seat covers come with airbag safe technology which is independently tested and verified for seats fitted with side deployment airbags. It’s using a break away thread along the side of the seat cover, that opens upon deployment of the side airbag.
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