Some Misunderstandings in Purchasing True Leather Seat Covers for Automobiles

1: The softer the leather is, the better the elasticity is.

The leather material of the leather car seat cover should be of moderate hardness, elasticity and low elongation. Leather with excessive softness and greater elongation, especially those with damaged and loosened fibre tissue, can not restore to its original state after being pressed, and affects the life of seat cover and original sponge, and so on. Therefore, the leather with excessive softness, rigidity and greater elasticity is not seat cover leather.

2: The thicker the leather seat cover, the better it will be used.

The thickness of professional automobile leather seat cover is moderate, about 1.2 mm, increasing or decreasing 0.2 mm. Excessive thickness or thinness are not suitable, but thickness is not a way to judge whether it have wear resistance and other quality. Moreover, extreme thick leather will affect the manufacturing process of seat cover and its appearance.

3: Fine-grained dermis is better than coarse-grained dermis.

Texture, as long as it reflects different beautification and different styles, is not the goal of judging the quality of the true cortex. The most commonly used texture for leather car seat covers are fine grain (plain grain), coarse grain, litchi grain, palm print and so on. At present, the leather seat covers of European cars mostly embody their style with coarse lines, such as running, BMW, rich people, and so on. American cars and Japanese cars, such as Lexus, Honda and Toyota, have multi-purpose fine lines. However, it can only be used as a reflection of a different style of work, which is the result of the pursuit of personalized seat covers to a certain extent.

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