The Difference between Perforation and Non-perforation of Leather Cushion

There are almost all kinds of seat fabrics: leather, fabric (velvet, linen, etc.), fake leather (artificial leather, or PU, etc.). Specifically speaking, we can not determine which one is the best, in fact, it can not be generalized. The dermis is very advanced, which is warm in winter and cool in summer, and durable; there are also low goods, it is easy to crack and deform when it is not breathable although it is of course the dermis.

You know, there are cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin and so on. They are both the cowhide. What kind of cowhide does it have and what part of the cow it belongs to?

So the key to evaluate how a fabric works is to see what grade it belongs to. Assuming that the goods are of similar grade, what kind of seat fabric and its treatment are the best? Next, let us see some practical things, please!

1. The dermis is not perforated.

It looks upscale, but it's very hot in the hot weather and cold in winter, which is very unpleasant. Some dermis are treated with surface wrinkles, leaving some gaps between the skin and your PP, which can improve the air permeability. After a long time, it is not so easy to deform and distort, which is better than a completely flat dermis surface.

2 Dermal perforation

In theory, dermal perforation is helpful for air permeability in summer, but in fact, it has a little help from the past experience.

Leather punching and ventilation: Seat ventilation hiding a small fan in the cushion, blowing on your PP. So ventilation and perforation must coexist. Ventilated perforated leather seats, which make you not feel feverish for long in summer. It is very practical and has good functions (male gospel, you understand).

Dermis and heating: heating depends on electric wire, while dermis is heat conductive, so it can be achieved without punching. Leather seats are very cold when they first get on in winter (near zero or below), so heating can play an important role at this time; if you drive with electric heating, you can also drive wearing thin clothing, so I like this function very much. There is also an electric heating dermal steering wheel with the same principle, which is also a magic weapon for comfortable driving in winter.

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