These Car Maintenance Tips will keep your Car Cool for the Summer!

In the summer at a high temperature, not only people themselves suffer a lot, but also love cars can hardly escape the "baking test". How to let love cars spend the summer freely? How to enjoy the car time more comfortably? The following tips may help you!

1 Car paint fear to sunshine, so add a protective film

Long-term exposure to the sun will make the paint old and wrinkle. Ordinary cosmetic protection, such as car washing and waxing, will not have long-term benefits although it has some effects. Because any wax contains silicon, it will rust the paint after exposure to ultraviolet radiation, leaving some black spots, and the abrasive particles in the wax will also leave traces on the bright paint. Wax itself can not enhance hardness, anti-ultraviolet effect, and will quickly lose due to high temperature.

If you want to add a protective film to the car paint, glaze sealing can be done. The protective agent similar to glaze is extruded into the pore of the paint by a special vibro-throwing machine and irradiated by an infrared lamp to form a solid protective layer like a net. The interior of the protective agent is full of ultraviolet rays, which can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the paint and prevent the corrosion of chemical ingredients such as acid and alkali.

2 The tyres are afraid of heat, and let out some air properly

It will happen the thermal expansion and cold contraction, and tire gas is no exception. If we  meet the continuous hot weather, and the car is often exposed to the sun, it is time to pay attention to the tires of the car. Carefully observe whether the tire is heavily inflated or not. You can also measure the tire pressure at the place where the tire is inflated. If necessary, release a little air to ensure safe use.

3 Sunshade, parking to prevent the exposure

The sunshade folds well. Opening the front windshield when parking can protect the dashboard and make the seat less hot. If the side suns, or the rear of the car face the sun, we only need to put the windshield or side window can also be. Cardboard and tinfoil are inexpensive.

4. Cushion, tied with cold color seat cover

Bamboo mattress, hemp mattress or ice mattress changing with temperature can be used in summer, but it is better not to use jadeite mattress. This kind of mattress is cold when it's cold and absorbs heat when it's hot, especially when it's parked for a long time, so it is easy to burn people.

In summer, you can also replace your car with a cold-colored seat cover. In fact, cotton auto seat covers are more comfortable in hot weather, coupled with cool colors. When you open the door, there seems a burst of cooling.

5. Body Sealing Strip to Help Keep Cold

If your car is not well sealed, especially for the medium and low-grade cars, you can buy metal strips to seal the door around. The sealing strip can not only beautify the car body, but also help to retain the air-conditioning inside the car. It's as easy to paste as the door and window seals at home.

6. Underground parking space, know?

Underground parking space can avoid damage aging caused by open parking, reduce cleaning, maintenance, repair, ticket frequency to save unnecessary expenses! Every trip in windy and rainy days, rainy and snowy days and hot days takes a lot of time to clean up, heat cars and cool down. Once you have a special parking space, you no longer need to get up early to prepare. You can travel easily, save time and effort!

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