Fabric Lamination Process - Cotton Polyester Jacquard Canvas Seat Covers

Fabric Lamination Process

Most of our fabrics will be laminated with high quality foam. Foam thickness from 2mm-20mm based on customers’ request. Double foam backing means fabric with foam, triple foam backing means fabrics with foam and non-woven fabric/net mesh. 

For cotton/polyester/jacquard, suggested foam will be 2-3mm double foam backing. 
For canvas/leatherette/mesh, suggested foam will be 4-6mm triple foam backing.
For neoprene, it will be spandex with rubber with spandex, natural latex will be used in this process.

The lamination temperature for each kind of fabric differs, our staffs are good at this skill to avoid bubbles during fabric lamination. Fabric with foam will offer extra comfort and protection. 

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