Seat Cover Installation Guide

A complete set seat cover includes:
2 pieces bucket seat covers for the front seats.
2 pieces split bench seat covers for the back seats.
5 separated standard size headrest covers.

For the front:
Remove the headrest, put the front seat cover over the seat, put the mental hook through the elastic loop and fasten it on the seat frame under the seats.

Put the headrest covers through the headrest, make sure it's fitting correctly and looks good, when it’s done, put it through the holes and make sure it's nice and secure.

For the backseat:
For most cars backseat, you just pull up and the seat is easily removed. For some cars, you need to push the buckles beneath the seats to remove. Slip over the backseat cover and fasten the elastic loops by hooks.

For the backrest:
You can take off the backrest by removing the screws, put the backrest seat cover right over the backrest, then flip it over, tie the backrest by metal hooks and elastic loops.
In a simple way, if you don’t want to remove the backrest, you just tuck the elastic loops through the gap between backseat and backrest, then put metal hooks to tie like above.

Cutting holes back headrest and safety belt buckles:
To make it easier for you, you can just Slightly lift up the backrest cover and make a cut for the headrest holes, after that tuck around. Put the headrest cover like front and attach it on the backrest. Do the same thing for the safety belt buckle on the backseat cover, that completes the entire seat cover installation.  
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